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Nervtech™ is a high-tech R&D company specializing in vehicle simulator technologies in the fields of biometric and cognitive driver evaluation, deep machine learning, and data integration. Nervtech™ is an advanced tool for driver training in variety of traffic and road scenarios. It is also a tool for automatic evaluation of drivers’ performance and collection of physiological and biometrical big data through a set of external medical grade sensoring equipment, synchronized with the simulation software.

As a partner with leading OEMs, Tier 1’s and autonomous vehicle systems providers, Nervtech™ system additionally represents a powerful tool for the development and testing of technologies for self-driving cars. 

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Autonomous vehicle driving evaluation and training is one of the unique selling propositions for the Future Mobility Hub. By collecting driver behavior data in many different traffic and driving conditions, behavioral datasets are created much faster than in the real world, where critical and antagonistic situations are very hard to record. These datasets are used to improve driving AI and algorithms for autonomous driving systems in order for them to blend easily in traffic and our everyday lives.

Autonomous Driving
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Testing and deep-learning autonomous vehicles intelligence in critical and edge-case situationsthat are not feasible for real life testing.




Evaluating autonomous vehicles algorithms in the environment with real drive

Test, evaluate & train real drivers with advanced sensor equipment

Ability to assess more drivers at the same time in the same environment

Verification of new road infrastructure, smart cities technologies, adas systems and their effect on drivers in controlled environment with measurable & actionable data




Nervtech™ simulations are based on comprehensive cutting edge cognitive AI software. The traffic in Simulated Autonomous Vehicle Testing (SAVT) consists of generic autonomous vehicles and Nervtech’s avatars that behave like humans: make unexpected maneuvers, sometimes make irrational decisions and create dangerous situations.


London Connectory

Nervtech is a part of London Connectory, a partnership between Bosch and Nitrous that established a unique Urban Mobility Incubator for mobility leaders. Start-ups, SMEs, established companies, and public sector organisations support and engage businesses of any size. London Connectory represents a space where connections happen among people, devices, and ecosystems.

Nervtech has established a showroom at London Connectory with its simulator for visitors to test their driving abilities via a virtual ride in different driving scenarios.

UK Projects

Uber User Study with the best Uber drivers 2019, London Connectory

Nervtech organized a unique user study in London with INSHUR Inc. Since the commercial insurance sector has been slow to respond to new, gig economies, Inshur decided to provide insurance for the world’s most progressive businesses in mobility, delivery, and transportation. Inshur is a fully digital insurance platform used by commercial and ride-share drivers, owners, and fleets. It is the fastest-growing provider of auto insurance for Private Hire drivers in the UK as well as the selected insurance partner of UBER UK. Its mobile app allows drivers to quote, purchase, and service an insurance policy at their convenience via their phone.

At the User Study event, 15 best London Uber drivers had to drive in different real-life road scenarios in the digital-twin of London. Simulator offered motion-based, real-traffic driving experience, which was in the end evaluated through a set of external medical grade sensing equipment, synchronized with the simulation software. One of the Uber drivers even set the new record – the highest score of the evaluation ever reached.


Financial Times Future of the Car Summit 2019, London

The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading business news organizations, recognized internationally. FT Future of the Car Summit brought together over 450 of the most influential players in the automotive industry.


A 2-day summit regarding future mobility solutions helped Nervtech gain new information from experienced speakers from all around the world. Nervtech plays a big role in future mobility as it introduces new ways of training and testing drivers to create a safer driving experience. The main topics at the summit included autonomous driving, connected automation, and an electric future. The FT summit provided a good networking experience.


UBER EXPO 2019, London

Uber, as commonly known, is an American company with operations in over 900 metropolitan areas worldwide. It is one of the largest providers in the gig economy as well as in the development of self-driving cars. Its focus is on sustainability, self-driving technology, and safety.


Nervtech took part in an Uber’s internal event – Uber Expo in London, where the top best Uber drivers from the UK gathered to meet the management. We were able to hear about the company’s vision, future projects, and innovations. Nervtech also got the opportunity to show the simulator with an improved feature of driver evaluation that was tested by Uber drivers.

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